Our Scholarship Program

Upward African Woman Scholarship

The Upward African Woman (UAW) is a California-based NGO founded in 2014 to empower women, giving them and their children an opportunity for a better life.

Monalisa Okojie (Executive Director)

They are committed to establishing and supporting sustainable programs to tackle poverty, illiteracy, disease, and hopelessness to improve the general well-being of African women and children.

Aineakho Ojior (Director of Programs Development)

Upward African Woman’s scholarship program is designed to give women and young ladies who can’t take care of their education or with limited resources access to education and the opportunity to get an education at 2nd Image International Skills College

Beneficiaries 2nd Image
UAW has been assisting 2nd Image students in need for over 10 years. They leverage their in-country connections to identify student needs. The scholarship is provided near the institution.

2018 UAW scholarship recipients, Charity Aburinya and Bless Endurance Awadzie

They completed their Fashion Design Program at 2nd Image Academy, Accra, Ghana