Massage and Spa Faculty

When you’re stressed and sore, you may think there’s nothing you can do but take some over-the-counter pain relievers and plow through your day. But licensed massage therapist, says you don’t have to grin and bear it.

A massage is a great tool for relaxation, pain relief, easing muscle tension, and more, so learn more about the common types of massage and their benefits.

massage therapy involves using different pressures, movements, and techniques to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues in the body. To slow down your nervous system, massage therapy can be used to release stress and tension, provide relief from symptoms, heal injuries, and support wellness.

What are the benefits of a Massage and Spa therapy qualification?

Are you interested in starting a new career in massage therapy but unsure if it is the right choice? If so, you will find this paragraph helpful! In it, we will share the main benefits of having a career in massage therapy. It will help you learn if you enroll in 2nd Image international Skills college.

  • You will graduate with all the skills you need to become a massage therapist
  • Massage therapists can work anywhere
  • A career that focuses on helping others
  • Massage therapy course in 2nd Image international Skills college is affordable
  • Low setup costs
  • One of the quickest ways to get a career going
  • Good income potential
  • A career that keeps you fit and active
  • Job security

What can you do with a Massage and Spa therapy qualification?

It takes at least a period of six months to a year, along with constant effort and perseverance, to earn a reputation and name in the field of massage and spa therapist careers.

There are a variety of options available for Massage and spa therapist professionals. They can either work as self-employed practitioners, independent contractors, salaried or commissioned employees,s or in private or group offices.

Those with entrepreneurial mindsets can launch their clinics, where the practitioner or the owner of the clinic, can also hire additional practitioners and can even allow them to practice in the same area for an appropriate fee.

Massage therapy is a rewarding career with many fantastic benefits. Ask yourself these questions when deciding on whether or not to pursue a career in massage therapy

There are many ways to pursue your massage therapy career after you get your license. You can impact people’s lives and well-being in so many ways! But how? You can work in these facilities: Traditional Massage Facilities, Private Practice/Work For Yourself, Physician’s Offices and Hospitals, Health Clubs and Gyms, Nursing Homes and Hospitals, Chiropractic Offices, Hotels, Spas, and Resorts, On-Site Massage, Sports Teams and Become a Massage Therapy Instructor


Essays, Practical, Presentations, Class works, End of Month Assessment, Summative Assessment, International Examination (ITEC)

Entry Requirements:

Degree, WASSCE


  • 6 months – 12 months depending on the program




  • Award In Body Massage
  • Spa Therapy

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