Age is no barrier, the youngest could be 16 and the oldest could be over 80. Mature students who want to catch up with modern technology and to improve on themselves are encouraged to enrol at the academy.

Courses are available for JHS, SHS leavers or above. Short courses are also available for those with little time to spare or want to learn specific module within the profession. Postgraduate courses are also available for qualified hairdressers and Beauty Therapist. In order to be accepted on our courses we must be satisfied that the student can cope with the range and depth of subjects with the courses. The courses are arranged in levels awarding, Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas according to range and depth of subjects.


  • Spa and Salon Management – 18 months
  • Beauty and Spa Therapy – 18 months
  • Beauty Specialist – 12 months
  • Facial Therapy – 6 months
  • Spa Treatment – 6 months


  • Body Massage – 3 months
  • Intensive Bridal Make-up – 6 weeks
  • Nail Technology – 3 months
  • Eye Lash and Brow Enhancement – 6 weeks


  • Beauty Specialist Level II – £ 140
  • Award In Body Massage – £ 100
  • Spa and Salon Management – Level IV – £120


  • Hair Dressing Diploma – 12 months
  • Advance Diploma in Hair Dressing


  • Hair Braiding – 4 months
  • Weave On – 2 months
  • Cutting and Styling – 6 weeks
  • Crocheting – 6 weeks
  • Dreadlocks – 6 weeks
  • Bridal Hair Styling – 6 weeks


  • Diploma In Hair Dressing – Level II – £ 140


Hair and Beauty – 12 months

Beauty and Cosmetic Science – 18 months

Hair and Cosmetic Science – 18 months


  • Fashion and Design Technology – 18 months
  • Fashion and Design Specialization – TBA


  • Sewing – 2 months
  • Pattern Drafting – 2 months
  • Beading – 2 months
  • Fascinator – 2 months


  • COSMETIC SCIENCE – 6 months
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – 3 months
  • JEWELLERY – 6 months


Course Outlines for all the programs

Course DiplomaCourse Structure or Outline
Hardware &Networking  Intro to Microsoft User SpecialistFundamentals of Information Technology & Operating SystemsBasics of Electronics & MicroprocessorPc Assembling & TroubleshootingProgramming in CCommunication & Soft SkillsHardware Lab-I (PC Assembling & Troubleshooting)Computer NetworksWindows 2003 Server AdministrationLinux AdministrationDatabase AdministrationSoftware Lab-1 (Windows 2003 Server & Linux)
Cyber SecurityIntro to Microsoft User SpecialistThe Security EnvironmentPrinciples of Cyber SecurityCyber Security ManagementEnterprise Roles and StructuresStrategy and Strategic PlanningSecurity Plans and PoliciesSecurity Standards and ControlRisk ManagementPhysical Security and Environmental EventsContingency Planning Security Education, Training and AwarenessManaging Information Security across the DoD Enterprise 1Managing Information Security across the DoD Enterprise 2The Future of Cyber Security      
Graphics Design  Define and trace the development of Graphic DesignIdentify the numerous design careers which are availableEvaluate designs (your work and others) for audience, meaning and effectivenessIdentify and use the Elements and Principles of Design in a decisive fashionDistinguish between the types of graphic images usedUnderstand and use color to communicate ideas to othersUnderstand the principles of graphic placementUse typography effectively in a designUtilize Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs and create artistic imageryUtilize Adobe InDesign to create publications such as advertisements and brochures  
Web DesignIntro to Microsoft User SpecialistHTML, CSS, JavaScriptColor and ContrastElements of Design: Line, Space, Uniformity, Repetition, Contrast, Alignment and ProximityTypography  
Web Development  Microsoft User SpecialistCourse Overview, Technology Set-up, Overview of Design & Design ProcessIntroduction to HTML & CSSAdvanced HTML & CSS, Responsive DesignIntroduction to JavaScript Advanced JavaScript & Introduction to jQuery familiarize you with the basic concepts underlying a DBMS;
• show how they are realized in specific systems such as the MYSQL & MSSQL DBMS;
• give you some hands-on experience in using a DBMS
Database Development  Developing a Database SystemBuilding a Database ModelPractical ConsiderationsThe Relational ModelUsing the E-R Model to Design a DatabaseImplementing a Database Design with AccessImplementing a Database Design with SQLBuilding a Database Application Using AccessDatabase Security and IntegrityBuilding a More Sophisticated Database ApplicationDatabase Development Essentials
Multimedia Production  The major goals of this course are:  1. Learn how learning theories influence the development of multimedia product 2. Explore a brief history of multimedia in education; 3. Develop competencies in designing and creating interactive multimedia applications by explaining how elements of these applications reflect a theory of how learning will occur; 4. Work with all aspects of text, audio, images and video; 5. Learn the phases involved in multimedia planning, design and production; 6. Be able to use various multimedia authoring tools 7. Be able to design and create interactive multimedia products 8. Develop competencies in designing and producing instructional multimedia 9. Apply contemporary theories of multimedia learning to the development of multimedia products. 10. Evaluate existing multimedia products that can be used to design instructional and informational material. 11. Analyze instructional and informational media (print materials, audio/visual materials and/or web-based materials, games/simulations, etc.) 12. Apply theory and principles of learning, instructional design, and perception to the design of instructional media products 13. Demonstrate proficiency with common software applications used to create multimedia assets
Microsoft User Specialist  Intro to typingIntro to windows operating systemIntro. to internetMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPointIntro. to Access 
Switching and RoutingCisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing & Switching is a certification program which validates the ability to  Install RouterConfigure RouterOperate and troubleshoot medium-sized routerSwitched network including implementation Verification of connection to remote sites.  
Social Media Marketing and Content DevelopmentThe top social media platforms and the audiences on themHow to blend marketing & advertising on social media Best practices for managing the social media account for a business Social media tools (free and paid) available today to social teams  
Blogging and vlogging